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***STARTING FRIDAY JUNE 25TH***, United Juice will now be directed to PERRICONEFARMS. We are excited about our partnership with Perricone Farms. We aim to provide you with the same wonderful products you have grown to love.


We didn’t get to be one of the Nation’s largest suppliers of Fresh citrus juices by accident. We’re passionate about producing the highest quality, freshest tasting citrus juices available. In fact, we pioneered many of the most advanced safety and production techniques used in the industry today. We are one of the largest juice companies in Florida. We offer Fresh Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit juices and other great tasting citrus products. All Natural citrus juices that are a great source of your daily vitamins. We are now affiliated with Perricone Farms to expand our service areas and to bring you the freshest tasting citrus juices to your home or business. So whether you’re looking for Fresh, Gently Pasteurized, High Pressure Processed (HPP) or Freshly Squeezed Frozen citrus juice, choose one of our brands, or let us create a Private Label Juice Program just for you.


At United Juice Company, we’re able to accommodate your needs with the numerous programs we’ve built over time.
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We maintain the highest level of industry certifications and operate under continuous onsite inspection from the US Department of Agriculture and the Florida Department of Agriculture. Our facility is SQF Level II Ed. 8.0 Certified, HACCP Certified, our supply chain is certified Non-GMO Certified and our quality control standards are second to none.

What can United Juice do for you?

For many years, our fresh juice is the best when it comes to producing juice products. Our fresh orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime  juice is among the best.  The ingredients that we use are of the finest quality.  Our products will help set your company apart from the competition.  We ensure that you will receive the highest quality product possible.  We have several juice programs that you can inquire about, find out which one is right for you today Juice Programs.  Our orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerine juice is made with the freshest fruits available.  Therefore we use fresh fruits from Florida and other parts of the country to ensure that our product is fresh with each bottle made.  Explore our purchasing options today and find which option fits you. We aim to please with each order received.

Building a better fresh  juice brand each and everyday

Becoming one of the largest fresh  juice manufactures and distributors was not an over night success.  As a result we strive to be the greatest juice company in the industry and that all begins with you the consumer. We want to make sure that our product is the best each and every time it leaves our facilities.  From coast to coast and from ocean to ocean we will live up to the expectation that you have grown to expect. Our juices have been put to the test over the years and we have shown that our product is of the highest quality in the industry. Above all our motto is “From Grove to Glass”.  Come and taste the difference and see our passion poured into each glass.  We have the pleasure of working with Perricone Farms to help ensure that you have the freshest products available.