Retail Juice Program - From your shelves to their tables

A t United Juice Companies of America, we are proud to be a leading supplier to supermarket and grocery store chains across the United States and Canada. We offer our retailers the advantage of merchandising a Fresh, Cold Pressed, Unpasteurized juice to their customers, without the hassle of squeezing citrus in house. We source USA grown citrus year round, which allows us to provide our retailers a better quality, profitable solution, year round.

For retailers who desire an extended shelf life, we offer two options. For those wanting to stay on top of technology trends, we offer HPP (High Pressure Processing). With HPP, retailers can provide a nutrient rich, great tasting juice while extending their shelf life up to 50 days. We invite you to learn more about our HPP (High Pressure Processing) capabilities. In addition, we offer a portfolio of gourmet pasteurized citrus juices, our Perricone Farms brand. Our juices are readily available in Orange, Grapefruit, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Limeade.

For retailers that would like to position their own brand, we offer various private label opportunities, both small and large. We understand your desire to promote your own brand, it’s your identity. We encourage that and want to partner with you on that vision.
Whether you’re a family-owned neighborhood grocery store, a regionalized, niche retail market, a club store chain, or a national supermarket chain, we offer a breadth of products to create a memorable experience for your customers.

At United Juice Company, we offer every solution for your unique, retail program.

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When owning a business, you want to provide the best products available to your consumers. Here at United Juice, we do just that. With our retail program, we can provide you and your customers the highest quality products available today.