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Are you a chef looking to make a Lemon Vinaigrette? Are you a mixologist looking to make a new, fresh cocktail? Are you a manufacture of Fresh Salsa or Hummus, or a bakery making Lemon Meringue Pie? What you need is Lemon Juice!!!. At United Juice Companies of America, we have the ability to offer Lemon Juice to every segment of the food industry. Our Lemon Juice is used by 5 star hotels, the finest restaurants, and as an ingredient to some of the leading manufacturers, in America. Here at United Juice Companies, we can provide you with a solution for all your Lemon Juice needs. We offer both a pasteurized and unpasteurized lemon juice in liquid, and Froze Fresh is our frozen lemon juice offering. Our Lemon Juice is full of great health benefits and is low in calories. Lemon Juice can aid in heart health and promote weight loss. Come and try our product today and see why we are the most trusted brand in America today.

New Products:

Introducing our new 6oz: 100% Lemon Juice with a Unique culinary inspired Pop-up Pourer Easy to use bottle ~ No need to Squeeze ~ Just open and pour * No Preservatives, No Sulfites, Never Pasteurized, Not from Concentrate, Great for cooking!

At United Juice Companies, we offer two offerings:

Lambeth Groves Lemon Juice

Our Lemon juice is available in both unpasteurized and pasteurized. It is available in a variety of packaging from 32 ounce to 55 gallon drums.

Froze Fresh

Froze Fresh is our unique and proprietary idea of adding a quick freeze step so that our Lemon Juice is available to ship to anywhere in the world. We currently have customers in Europe and Asia. Froze Fresh is available in 1 liter packaging, 5 Gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums.

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Lemon juice is one of those juices that is important in everyday life.  Many times we get the juice we are most familiar with, however that juice may not be the best.  You have experienced  juice brands before, but none like United Juice’s Lemon Juice.  We provide the greatest tasting  juice on the market today.  We take pride in the fact that we can bring to you such a high quality product.  You have paid your hard earned money to another company that does not provide the quality we do.  You have tried theirs, now try the best. Come and see our recipe ideas to help add flavor to any drink or food. We have partnered with Perricone Farms to ensure that you have the best tasting product available today.